Sunday, October 21, 2012

Landed in London, UK

My first post on the ground in London!  I arrived on the 3rd of September and the following Friday after arriving I met up with my host counselor.  His name is Christoph von Luttiz of the Hammersmith Rotary Club in London.  I was invited to attend their Friday lunch meeting where I had the opportunity to introduce myself to the members present.  I gave a short presentation to the members about my hopes as a scholar in London and what I hope to gain with my education from the London Film School.  The meeting is structured much like an American Rotary meeting, however I did find it quite interesting how the members take time in their meeting agenda to make a toast to the Queen.  This shows a sense of historic and nationalistic pride and I really respected that.  In the states, we never see a sense of pride by making as toast to the President of the United States. 

The photos included show the Hammersmith lunch meeting and a picture of me with my host counselor and another Rotary member of the club.  Christoph is on the right and Nathan is on the left. 

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