Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where it all began....

Giacobazzi Yañez
Giacobazzi Yañez
Anthropology Major
Film Minor
Mirador Basin Project

Student discovers Mayan world through film

Giacobazzi says . . .
Experience Description? I worked as a videographer in El Mirador, the largest civilization of the Mayan world. I interviewed and filmed archaeologists at their excavation sites, capturing their latest discoveries of Pre-Classic and Classic periods of the Maya.
How I found this opportunity? While on a Sierra Institute Maya field study program, I met and worked for Richard Hansen, Archaeologist and Project Director of the Mirador Basin Project. When the project was delayed to obtain government permits and the film crew from National Geographic postponed their visit, Hansen, learning that I was a film student, offered me this amazing work experience.
Best thing about this experience? One of the best facets was meeting so many talented archaeologists. Had they not been so gracious in sharing their wealth of knowledge with me, the trip would not have been nearly as successful.
How this experience enhanced my HSU education? This has given me clearer vision on how to better approach and prepare myself to move into the direction of visual anthropology and documentary filmmaking. I’ve been able to absorb more out of classes this semester because I can relate my studies to the work I did in the field.
What I learned from my visit to the Career Center? When I first visited the Career Center, I asked what it would take to prepare myself to work on a film crew for National Geographic. I was encouraged to get some fieldwork experience and begin working on a portfolio. It was also suggested that I get to know the people I wanted to work for and make contacts that would help me get my foot in the door. I have now done both!

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