Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Idaho State University Brightest and Best Acknowledgement

Brightest and Best
Giacobazzi Yañez

Giacobazzi Yañez

Hometown: Canton, IL
High School: Canton High School
Class Year: Senior
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Spanish and Mass Communication
Interests/Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Listening to Music, Traveling, Origami, Photography, Video, Astronomy, Backpacking, Learning Languages, and Cooking.

Career goal: My experiences have driven me to work toward a career as a documentary filmmaker who applies visual anthropological methods in films that have a socially conscious impact. I envision working closely with humanitarian organizations and serving as an ally to Latin American communities. I intend to advocate awareness in social justice, the environment, preservation of language and culture. I would like to continue my ongoing work at El Mirador and potentially expand my work at other ancient archaeological sites.

Why ISU? ISU's well respected anthropology program has a distinguished faculty and offers one of the world's leading archaeologists in Mayan scholarly research, Dr. Richard Hansen. Due to the working relationship I developed with Dr. Hansen over the last three years, I consciously decided to transfer and finish out my undergraduate at ISU. The fieldwork that I conduct with Dr. Hansen during the summers in Guatemala as an archaeological videographer motivated me to advance my professional and technical skills. By doing so, I will enhance my academic relationship with Dr. Hansen and broaden the potential range of opportunities that will help me attain my career goals. My undergraduate goals while at ISU are to acquire a theoretical foundation imbedded with practical experience in preparation to become a graduate student at the London Film School.

ISU Experience: As a recent transfer student from California it has taken me some time to adjust, but the ISU staff and faculty have provided wonderful support. As a work study student working for Photographic services and the Mass Communication Department, these positions provide me with great hands on experience that I will carry with me in the years ahead.

Why I do what I do: The individuals I have become acquainted with at ISU have inspired and influenced my aspirations for more academic achievements. I love the work that I do during the summers because it is a process of preservation for the future generations of archaeologists and the Mayan people. I am proud of my Mexican and Indigenous heritage, which has given me the strength and determination to pursue this educational path. I have a strong desire to integrate the education I have gained to serve my culture and humanity on a global scale. Hopefully my passions will lead to making a difference.

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