Wednesday, October 24, 2012

London Film School

The London Film School, located in Covent Garden.  Right in the heart of downtown London, this is the oldest international film school in the world.
Course 179 - Term 1- MA Filmmaking

My classmates range from all parts of the world such as France, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, Greece, Venezuela, China, Romania, Zimbabwe, India, United Kingdom, and the United States.  We are truly a diverse group of talented, creative and artistic students who believe that the London Film School will transform us into tomorrow's leading and innovative filmmakers.
My group unit for our Term 1 Films on our practical with the Aaton 16mm camera with our instructor Terry Hopkins.  From the left, Jackie Teboul, Dimitry Kalinin, Lily Dong, Shahrukh Naveed, and Losif Mainas (Not Pictured).

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