Sunday, June 23, 2013

Behaving With Horses - Taster Tape

This is an assignment for my term 2 MA Documentary Film course at the London College of Communication.  The taster tape will end up as a 10-15 min documentary film for my 3rd term graduation project due in December 2013.  In the documentary world, a taster tape is a brief film that provides a glimpse of what your story is about and how the film will be realized.   The idea is to get potential broadcast commissioners to fund and distribute your film.
This documentary is very different from the type of films I have done in the past in terms of addressing a highly sensitive issue regarding young offenders from a female perspective.  I have seen myself grow as a documentary filmmaker in this project and the response I received from this documentary, so far, has been very positive.  Please click the link below to view...

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